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DIVERSIFIED is a rules-based strategy that trades the major asset classes: equities, bonds and commodities. Trading signals for each asset class are driven by a unique set of factors. Factors include price momentum/reversion, economic factors and inter-market relationships. The strategy aims to generate stable performance with low volatility that is not correlated to any of the equity, bond or commodity benchmarks. The low volatility is largely a result of the low correlations between the 3 asset classes and the overall portfolio constraint of 33.3% to each asset class.

The maximum portfolio exposures are as follows:

  • Equities:  33.3% Long or inverse S&P500 (2.0 leveraged)
  • Bonds: 33.3% Long or inverse US Government Long Term Bonds (1.25 leveraged)
  • Commodities: 33.3% to Mining Index (1.5 Long/1.0 Inverse), Energy Index (1.5 Long/1.0 Inverse), US Dollar (1.0 Long/1.0 Inverse)

The strategy is highly active - on average it does 2 to 3 transactions per day. For this strategy we recommend using Profunds mutual funds because of their specific long and inverse fund lineup. If a subscriber has no choice but to trade ETFs, they may do so but may not be able to match the exact leverages in the Profunds version.


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