Frequently Asked Questions.


Think of our service as a quantitative investment newsletter. Our aim is to enable you to take charge of your money and to help grow your assets with a consistent and disciplined investment plan through the use of market timing, also known as systematic trading/investing.

Our service differs from traditional newsletters in that we do not provide "soft" opinions on the markets. Oftentimes such opinion based newsletters have non-specific recommendations that could be open to interpretation and there tends to be an absence of rigorous accounting for the performance & volatility of past recommendations.

Instead, our focus is on providing you with explicit model-based buy & sell signals for various types of assets: stock indexes, sector indexes, bonds, commodities and individual stocks. Our signals are 100% model driven where there are a multitude of input factors. Our models use factors such as price momentum, price reversion as well as a vast array of economic/fundamental data in a fully systematic process.


The purpose of subscribing to our service is to trade your account using our "picks" (signals). Once you become a subscriber you will be able to access the SIGNALS page. On the SIGNALS page you will see all of our systems listed. Beside each system you will see the prior signal and the latest signal which specifies the assets to be held and the % allocation to each asset.

Note that we do not email signals. For the daily systems Hydra, Index Trader, Risk-On/Risk-Off and Natural Resource Trader you need to log in each day to check for the latest trades at our SIGNALS page. For the Monthly and Weekly systems we do send an auto-reminder email to log in and check the SIGNALS page for any new trades.

Our service has been designed with simplicity in mind - you don't need any prior trading experience in order to successfully implement our systems.


The trading frequency varies widely among our systems. Our most active systems are HYDRA, INDEX TRADER, RISK-ON/RISK-OFF and NATURAL RESOURCE TRADER where the signal can change on a daily basis and it is calculated and published real-time. This means the subscriber will need to login to this site, check the signals and place the trades within the last 15 minutes of the US market session (3:45pm to 4:00pm New York time)For the daily systems you will need to login every day and check for new signals - the daily systems do not send reminder emails.

WEEKLY STOCK SELECTOR where as the name implies, signals are updated once a week - the updated signal is published every Monday morning at 11am. You will be sent an auto-reminder email when there is a new signal.

HEDGED SECTOR ROTATION is a monthly system where the new signal is published on the evening prior to the last day of the month and you will place your trades on the last day of the month. You will be sent an auto-reminder email when there is a new signal.


We have a diverse portfolio of systems which can be traded at a wide array of brokers/custodians. Depending on the instrument type, trading frequency and account size, certain systems of ours are more suited to certain types of brokers. Some of our systems are highly active and generate a lot of trades. Using a high commission broker can pose a significant performance drag on the more active systems so it is important to choose a cheap broker. Our preferred brokers offer some of the most competitive commissions in the industry.

  • For our stock trading system WEEKLY STOCK SELECTOR subscribers with small or medium sized accounts typically trade at a discount broker charging a per share commission such as Interactive Brokers. Another good option is Folio Investments which offers flat monthly fee window trading; window trades at Folio can only be done at 11am and 2pm EST.
  • Our Index trading systems: HYDRA, INDEX TRADER, RISK-ON/RISK-OFF and NATURAL RESOURCE TRADER can be traded with either ETFs or frequent traded mutual funds. If trading ETFs, we recommend Interactive Brokers.  If you choose to trade HYDRA, INDEX TRADER or RISK-ON/RISK-OFF using frequent traded mutual funds we recommend you open an account directly at either Profunds or Guggenheim Investments (home of Rydex Funds). Additionally, TD Ameritrade offers NTF (no transaction fee) trading for Profunds funds. If you choose to trade NATURAL RESOURCE TRADER using frequent traded mutual funds, you will need to open an account at Profunds as they are the only fund family offering both long and inverse mining and energy index funds.
  • HEDGED SECTOR ROTATION primarily trades traditional mutual funds such as those offered by Fidelity or Vanguard and you have many options of where to trade. You should choose a broker that offers NTF (no transaction fee) mutual fund trading and does not impose their own early redemption fees on top of the mutual fund company's fee, if any. Folio Investments is a good choice for this type of system.


Every system listed on this website is traded in our own accounts - we would not offer any systems that we would not trade using our own money.

The displayed performance consists of actual returns from the date we began trading and everything prior is backtested. You can see the start date of live trading in the footnotes to each performance capsule.

If you are a subscriber who has completed the trial period and want to verify our actual results, please ask us and we are happy to provide you with our brokerage statements.