Weekly Stock Picking Strategies

  • INSTRUMENTS TRADED: Broad Based Stock Universe (Large Cap Focus), ETFs
  • TRADING FREQUENCY: Weekly. Signals are generated every Monday morning around 11am New York time


WEEKLY STOCK SELECTOR is an active trading strategy that keeps your portfolio invested in stocks that have potential for positive up moves in the near term. It scans across a comprehensive universe of stocks on a weekly basis using multiple proprietary indicators and techniques. The strategy also manages exposures to profit and reduce volatility during bear markets. It does this by increasing allocations to inverse S&P500 ETFs.

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This strategy is easy to trade as you will receive alerts just once a week. Every Monday morning around 11am you will receive an email with a link to log-in to our site and view any new trade alerts. You can act on the alerts using a series of buy/sell orders or do a simple portfolio rebalance depending on your brokerage platform features. There will be one stock selection per week.

If you are unable to trade the strategy yourself due to time limitations or lack of comfort level, it can be auto-traded in your own account by a professional money manager. For details please visit our Auto-Trading page for details.

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